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Day 2 GardenSchoolFoundation

June 22, 2017

First, Happy Summer Y’all!

Friday, June 19, 2017

Brief recap of Day 1:  was an orientation/meet ‘n greet/work day the GSF flagship 24th street elementary school garden . Under the direction of the garden manager Laila, we acquainted ourselves with the grounds, removed a gang of dandelions!, transported soil to the staging area, contributed to the cold compost piles then LUNCH! My rosemary potatoes and onions with kale potluck contribution was a big hit – natch!

Rounded out the day building an arbor for the “Flight School” a nook in the garden for teaching all things bird! Yeah, I think I’m gonna love it here!


June 21, 2017

So today in the school garden, we started off along orchard alley pruning sucker shoots from the fruit trees, and dead-heading the edible flowers in the beds and then another round of never-really-done dandelion search and destroy missions !

Next, we prepared three beds for planting. This consisted of removing the cover crops, harvesting the seeds for the next round of cover crop planting, double-digging – turning the roots and weeds (as long as they hadn’t gone to seed) over into the soil, adding amendments (worm castings) and turning the soil again. Oh, and since the beds are all irrigated via drip irrigation, we had to carefully detach the drip lines on one end at first. This was my first time using the double digging method and using a pick-axe.

After lunch in the garden, we painted signs for the Flight School. Dude,  I’m so freakin’ ’bout this Garden Life!